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ABUK supply new and used brewing equipment installations in size range from 8HL (5UK BBL) to 17HL (100 BBL). ABUK also provide a full variety of tanks and process equipment with tank sizes up to 100,000 litres.


Over the past 30 years, ABUK has successfully built a solid reputation amongst the brewing and beverage industries as a result of providing the customer with a high class, professional and efficient service.

This has been achieved by treating each enquiry as an individual case.


The brewing and beverage industries consist of a large number of diverse and unique businesses. After many years of expert industrial experience and knowledge, ABUK has incorporated a detailed, personal service into their business operations.


Due to the specific nature of these industries, the range of equipment available is extensive and therefore initial research into your specific requirements and objectives assists us, in matching the right equipment for the right purpose, ensuring both customer and supplier are satisfied.

About ABUK...

Drawing on our wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we pride ourselves on the ability to fully respond to our clients’ individual brewing requirements.

Advanced Brewing UK can be commissioned to take care of a complete project, from the design and layout drawings through to delivery and complete installation. If desired, we can supply an experienced brewer to assist with the commissioning of the plant, designing of recipes and the provision of staff training.

We fabricate our own brewing systems in the UK, and with our worldwide network of contacts we are also able to source and supply specific vessels and machinery, as requested, to enhance our clients’ brewing capabilities.


As discerning craft brewers, our clients appreciate the difference that good quality brewing vessels will make to the beers that they produce. An investment in high-grade machinery from ABUK can enable consistent results with each brew.


With an increasing awareness and appreciation of hand pulled cask ale and micro-brewed keg products, many pubs and restaurants are now offering an increasing range of good quality beers to an ever more discerning clientele who demand superior taste and local provenance.

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