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I'm a strong believer that a good beer is much more than the sum of its parts, It takes fresh ingredients, a motivated brewer and an efficient kit in equal quantities. It is a trinity of essential components. Nobody expects a good beer from old or low-grade ingredients. Why would you do the same with your kit?


Being a new and experimental Brewer, it is important that I have the tools for the job. I’m using the knowledge of traditional Brewers and pushing it forward. Always finding ways to innovate. It’s essential that if I want to ferment at a different temperature or monitor a kettle sour accurately the kit. Here at Alphabeta, we collaborate closely with the Pitt Cue chefs. We love cooking and brewing seasonally together.


When inspiration strikes, we like to act straight away! I feel reassured that when we scale up a test brew, our ABUK kit will produce a true and clean replication of any recipe. We would recommend the same to anyone.

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