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My business partner and I made the decision to invest in commercial brewing equipment which would be suitable for a brewpub/ small microbrewery. 


ABUK provided us with a reconditioned 5bbl system customized to our specifications. I requested a unit from ABUK which met biopharmaceutical grade specifications along with additional extras which would allow us to further customize the unit in the future. We also requested polished stainless steel and copper cladding as the aesthetics of the unit were also important. 


ABUK delivered exactly what we ordered down to the last hygienic design detail. Having been on numerous equipment Factory Acceptance Tests for various biopharmaceutical companies over the years I found ABUK to be very professional and organized in their approach to this critical aspect of the project. A full walk down was performed on the assembled unit along with an inspection of the control panel and accessories. The equipment was delivered as scheduled in Sweden shortly afterwards. ABUK also sourced a trained brewer with hands on experience of the unit to come to Sweden and assist with commissioning and start-up batches.


ABUK provide real value for money in delivering customized micro brew equipment with backup know-how and expertise.

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