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3M Purification Filter Housing - Second Hand

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3M Purification Filter Housing Lenticular filters - Second Hand.
Model : IBP122.1
TYPE : 038.122.1
Number : 12 IPB 2 T 21 F 3
Diameter : 12” x 2 Modules
Volume: 53 Litres
Test Pressure: 11.5Bar
Material of Construction : 316L stainless Steel
Temp : 0C to 150C
Year of Manufacture : 2012

Comes with attached gauge and fittings attached on the top 1.5" Tri Clamp Fitting as in photo.
Bottom Fittings are 2" Tri Clamp.
This is a SECOND HAND ITEM and is sold as is

Height: 1350mm (inclunding gauge)
54cm x 44cm

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